Health Benefits of Neem - Secrets of Neem

Published: 23rd January 2009
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Neem needs no introduction in today's world. A very famous herb of India with worldwide fame and having magical properties known for its miraculous medicinal values from past 5000 years. Neem is known as free tree of India as it is found almost everywhere in India. It is considered as a magic tree, which has properties that not only relieves but also cures from illness.

Neem is an herb that has been a great assert to human species since thousands of centuries. Neem is extremely useful to humans and this is the reason it is being worshiped in India and is considered as the place where Gods resides. It is said that no evil sprits dares to come near a neem tree and this is the reason neem is a part of every Indian house.

Neem is used for treatment of eye problems such as night blindness and conjunctivitis. In case of night blindness, apply the juice of the neem to the eyes externally each night. Direct application has better results. This is done by grinding the neem leaves to a fine powder and then making a paste of this with water. Strain this juice through a clean cloth and apply the juice which filters out onto the eyes with an eye rod. In conjunctivitis, apply the neem juice obtained from its leaves directly onto the eyes.

Neem has been used as a medicine for more than 5000 years. Neem is especially good for those with skin disorders such as eczema. As a natural eczema remedy, neem when applied on the skin relieves you from itching and the painful symptoms arising from your disorder. You can also take a warm bath with neem leaves in it. In fact, this is a very common custom in India. It is also highly suitable in the instance when you have some minor skin infections.

Acne causing bacteria are killed by neem. Boil some neem leaves in water and use the water to wash your body. This will kill germs and bacteria on your skin. When neem extract based soap is used for washing your body, it can reduce the instances of acne inflammation. However you need to either regularly wash your body with 'neem leaf boiled' water (after cooled, of course) or regular application of an ointment with neem extracts.

The Neem tree has many medicinal uses. The chemical compounds present in neem have anti-inflammatory, antiarthritic, antipyretic, hypoglycaemic, Antifungal, spermicidal, antimalarial, antibacterial and Diuretic properties. Flower, leaves, bark and seeds of neem are used in home remedies and in preparation of medicines. Bark of neem acts as antipyretic and helps to reduce fever. Flowers are used in intestinal disorders.

Neem is used in several dental and oral problems. Its twigs are rubbed on the teeth daily. This keeps the teeth whiter and prevents gum problems. Also it helps in tightening the teeth, relieves toothache, treats halitosis and mouth infections.

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